Women's 4 Button Moccasins w/ Thick Leather Sole

Women's 4 Button Moccasins w/ Thick Leather Sole

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UPDATE: All Navajo Style Moccasins are subject to a 3-week delay in delivery due to manufacturing challenges. This handling time is in effect until we announce otherwise.
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Thick All Leather Sole
  • Suede Dark Red or Smooth White Upper
  • About 9" Tall
  • Laces Tie Through 4 Buttons

That's right, these are the ones with the molded (about 1/4") thick leather sole that you can't find anywhere. Once the sole is formed to your foot they are as comfortable as a sock.

Even though these thick sole moccasins are formed on a standard size foot mold, each pair is unique because they are authentically handcrafted, sewn by hand and finished by hand in the USA.

These moccasins do not come with a box.